The View From My Window

My window faces west. My view of the sunset is spectacular, at the end of the day. But the morning sun is much slower in that window. It creeps slowly around the corners, tiptoes to my window. Suddenly and brilliantly flooding my yard with its golden delicious beams. It doesn’t stay in one place moving its precisely charted course through the clouds and around the heavens, as a seasoned traveler. When the day is done, the blinds are going down; she finds a way to put out the lights in grand style. Brilliant blending of the myriad of tones and hues of evenings. These are my twilight yearnings, wishing the sun would stay; but remembering she is a constant companion, never fickle, and so fair in all her finesse.

jjn 1/29/21. 2:56 pm

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